Cookies are small text files that websites send to the user’s computer, where they are stored to be used by the said websites when the user visits them the next times. Third-party cookies are instead installed by a different website than the one that the user is visiting. This happens because every website may contain objects that may be located in different servers than the one that hosts the visited website (i.e. images, maps, sounds, links to external websited, etc.).

Cookies are used for different purposes: digital authentication, session monitoring, recording of website settings, recording of preferences, etc.

The website uses the following types of cookies:

technical cookies: they have the sole purpose of allowing the user to browse the Website or providing a service requested by the user. Without these cookies, some operations would not be possible or would be more complicated and/or unsecure than it would be with them. The Website uses technical cookies for the sole purposes of transmitting electronic communications, visualizing the Website and browsing it. Some technical cookies are deleted when the browser is closed (i.e. session cookies), while others remain active after that (i.e. the cookie that stores user’s consent to the use of cookies which last one year).

cookies for data analysis: they are used by the website’s operator to collect aggregated information on the number of users and on the way they visit the website. The Website uses cookies for data analysis that are provided by Google Analytics (see section on third-party cookies for more details).

cookies for profiling: they are used to collect data on user’s preferences and create profiles on what he likes, his habits, choices, etc. By using these cookies, an advertiser can send the user personalised marketing messages that are in line with user’s preferences that have been tracked while browsing the internet. The Website uses cookies for profiling that are provided by third parties (see section on third-party cookies for more details).

By clicking the OK button on the banner or by browsing the Website, the user agrees on the use of cookies and on the installation of said cookies in his computer for the purposes indicated above and on the fact that cookies can access information in his computer.

Disabiling cookies

The user may block the cookies and may revoke his consent to their use at any time. Since cookies are linked to the user’s browser, the user may refuse or revoke his consent to the use of cookies by changing the browser settings directly, according to the steps of his browser. The user can also change his preferences on cookies through the banner at the bottom of the page.

If cookies are turned off, some functions of the Website, i.e. third-party services, may not be available, and the following objects may not be visualised:

– social plugins;

– Google maps.

Third-party cookies

This Website uses third-party cookies (i.e. social plugin buttons) with the aim to offer additional services to the users, facilitate the use of the Website or provide personalised marketing messages. The Webiste does not have any control over these cookies that are fully managed by third parties and does not have access to the information collected by them. Details on the use of these cookies, on their purposes and on how they may be turned off are provided by the third parties directly at the pages indicated below.

We remind that user’s tracking does not usually identify the user, unless he has subscribed to the third-party service and is logged in the service when using the social plugin. In this case, the user has already agreed on the processing of his data by giving his consent to the third party directly (i.e. Facebook).

The Website uses the following third-party cookies:

Google Ireland Limited

To understand how Google Ireland ltd processes personal data we advise you to look at Google’s privacy policy ( and to Google’s privacy policy when using partner’s websites and apps (

Google Analytics: it is used to analyse how users use the Website, to send reports on Website’s activities and reports on user’s behaviour, to verify how often users visit the Website, how the Website is located by users and what pages are visited the most. This information is also used to compare the Webiste with other similar websites.

Categories of data: browser identification, browsing date and time, originating page and IP address.

Where data is processed: European Union.

Data does not identify the users and is not matched with other data of the same users. Data is processed in aggregated form and it is anonimised (last eight digits are truncated). Google Inc. may not match this data with the one collected from other services, in compliance with a specific agreement (DPA).

More information on Google Analytics cookies is available on Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites page (Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites).

The user may disable (opt out of) Google Analytics by installing on his browser the specific app provided by Google.

Social network plugins

The Website includes some plugins and/or buttons that facilitate the sharing of information on your favourite social networks. When you visit a page of the Website that shows a plugin, your browser connects directly to the social network’ servers, from which the plugins have been uploaded. These servers may track your visit to the Website and associate it to your social network account, expecially if your are logged in the social network or if you have recently visited a website with social plugins. If you do not want the social network to register data in relation to your visit to the Website, you have to log out of the social network and probably delete cookies that the social network has installed on your browser.

The Website contains plugins that have been designed to protect user’s privacy and they do so by processing user’s data only if the user clicks the plugin and not when he just opens the page that hosts the plugins.

To know more about the way third parties process your data you can refer to the privacy policy of each service provider, as follows:

– Facebook (

– Twitter ( and

– LinkedIn (

– Pinterest (

User’s rights on his data

In compliance with the GDPR, the user may exercise the following rights according to and within the limits of the applicable law:

– to object to all of part of the processing for legitimate reasons;

– to demand confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him is being processed;

– to know the source of data;

– to obtain information on the logic, purposes of the processing and how processing is being done;

– to demand un update, rectification, integration, deletion and pseudonymization of data;

– to receive the personal data concerning him, which he has provided to the data controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format;

– to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (i.e. the Italian Data Protection Commissioner –;

– to exercise all other statutory rights.

Requests may be addressed to the data controller.


This privacy and cookie policy has been updated on 07/07/2021.